Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Putting away toys!

Having your pup put away their own toys is a great trick and comes in very handy at clean up time!

It wasn't as easy as we thought for me to learn this trick. I'm not a 'fetcher'.

One day Mum found I was very, very interested in one of my kittie brother's toys that he had left lying around. I started to carry it around the house with me. That's when she jumped into action.

She started by throwing the toy, then going over to me and running with me toward the basket where she wanted me to put the toy. That got me very interested in 'bringing,' it with me. Then she taught me to 'put it' in the basket and 'dropping it', by putting the treat in the basket. It was much easier for me to learn this way, than other ways we had been trying.

There are lots of different ways to teach 'fetching' and 'bringing' and 'putting' and other tricks. Mum likes to say...just watch and pay lots of attention to your dog and they will give you clues as to how they can best learn tricks. It worked very well for us with this one that we found difficult in the beginning. Have fun!


Ben Mcfuzzylugs said...

Well done that is so cute. I have been struggling with that one too as my pait dont really naturally hold things either - will get there one day, you have inspired me to try again

Toyin O. said...

very informative, thanks for sharing.