Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fun game and handy for agility!

Learning go around, one of my favorite games and a trick that comes in handy for agility!


Ben Mcfuzzylugs said...

I have just been doing go round with my dogs
I am working on 'go left' and 'go right' so I can get some direction to it too
The only thing I did different was I used the hand to lure that I was going to use for the sendaway - ie for 'go left' I lured with my right hand

Loooove the vid of Silvias puppy class
How I wish I could go to that, all those dogs with such great focus

Deff keeping an eye on this blog, really really great, thankyou

Anonymous said...

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Mrs. JP said...

So I saw your cool video and took my Jack Russell "Scrappy" and mix big girl "Speedbump" out. We pulled up a bale of straw and had a great time. And they got it! Of course Scrappy wanted to turn it into go over after she mastered go around but when warmer weather comes we'll be out again with the others and "Go Around" some more. Thanks for the pointers.

Claudia Estanislau said...

great video. I have never did agility so sorry my dumb question, but I was wondering where would you use a "go around" in agility course. Thanks :D

Johann The Dog said...

Hi Claudia! Never a dumb question :) Teaching go around is not only a fun game in itself and helps pups think on their on, it's also a great precursor to teaching a send to (like in agility) an obstacle that's further away, or at a distance.